Censura en China

Es tiempo de reaccionar. Me uno a las voces que protestan por la censura que está sufriendo los ciudadanos chinos al acceder a Youtube. Es una consecuencia de la revuelta del Tíbet, que azota ahora a la red.

En varios foros internacionales a los que pertenezco reivindican la libertad y la condena internacional ante este hecho que, tampoco es el primero.

Internet rights and principles.org

It's time now to react, we can't partecipate at the UN WSIS and IGF approving the Tunis Agenda with the access, openess, security, multiculturality as rights while in the same time the "real" world wearing its borders, its order, is defining us, the cognitive collective enterprise, the innovative social block as a virtual world. Internet isn't virtual it is viral one, not a device but an extraordinary system. We need an Internet Bill of Rights, a constitution for the net, multilevel, multistakeholder, with a partecipated process. We have to act just now on the contrary will be produced an artificial scarcity by law, the control of our point of view and our identity instead of a global pubblic opinion with an informated partecipation.
We have to act locally and globally in this cognitive ecosystem.

Global Network Initiative ha hecho un comunicado público sobre el asunto:

'This incident is only the latest example of increasing threats to freedom of expression around the world. Responding to such threats requires collaboration among a broad spectrum of companies, civil society
organizations, investors, and academics, working with governments and multilateral organizations that support international human rights and the rule of law.'


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