Revisiting the AVMSD after Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. Next Conference. Brussels, June 2015

Prof. Loreto Corredoira has been invited  for presentation at our conference on Audiovisual Media Services within the Digital Single Market, organised in collaboration with the Centre for European Policy Studies. 
This conference will take place on 15 June 2016 in Brussels on the CEPS premises.
Abstract. Revisiting the AVMSD after Netflix or Amazon Prime Video

The Digital Single Market for online video content is alive and well: the number of users is growing and the number of online platforms is exploding[1]. I will examine how Directive 2010/13/EU on Audiovisual Media Services (AVMSD)is likely to support key changes in the audiovisual legal framework but also fall short in key areas, particularly those related to cross-border content delivery.
The AVMSD differentiates between “linear” and “non-linear” services, but this distinction does not provide a stable legal framework for dealing with the European presence of non-EU video-movie online platforms or with EU-based video-on-demand websites.
I will examine how the definition of “non-linear audiovisual service” affects the definition of “responsible editor” for online platforms, as well as the consequences of applying content rules only to “linear” services, including effects on movie nationality and restrictions on online advertising.
I will examine the possibilities for convergence between future reform of the AVMSD and the recent proposal of an EU Regulation on cross-border content portability[2]. Allowing users to travel with their subscriptions within the EU has tremendous implications for TV and movie copyright licensing.

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